Sky Sports News goes HQ for a big August revamp

It's so HQ!!!

As part of its massive 2014 sports offensive, Sky is relaunching Sky Sports News from 12 August, and it'll come with the shiny brand new name of - wait for it - Sky Sports News HQ.

The new channel will available on the Sky EPG at 401 just in time for the new football season, and plans to step up its content game by offering a bunch of new programmes and features.

Sky also promises to offer a "seamless" experience across TV, mobile and online, which will include a redesigned app. There will also be more emphasis on investigative stories, we're promised.

The new channel is set to launch alongside Sky Sports 5 and will also be available on Virgin Media, where three new Sky Sports HD channels have just arrived.

Your move, BT.

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Hugh Langley

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