Sharp TV set doesn't need to be plugged in

Sharp's prototype TV comes with its own power source
Sharp's prototype TV comes with its own power source

With the current G8 summit in Japan and environmental concerns on the front pages around the world right now, Sharp has chosen the perfect time to unveil its most eco-friendly television yet.

The 26-inch LCD is actually on show at the summit in northern Japan, where it forms part of an environment showcase from the Osaka company. Sharp claims it uses just a quarter the power of a similarly sized CRT television.

No socket required

Sharp is also demonstrating a solar panel-powered version of the new set that is the same size as the TV screen. This obviously does away with the need for a mains connection.

Although the pairing constitutes a prototype, Sharp suggests that it might find a market in areas where there simply is no electricity supply – a situation that currently affects 1.6 billion people worldwide.

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