Samsung Smart TVs to get YouTube 3D content

Samsung Smart TVs to get YouTube 3D content
YouTube 3D - coming to a Samsung TV near you

Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players will soon be able to show 3D content from YouTube in a new version of the YouTube on TV app.

Samsung announced the re-vamped app at it IFA 2011, where the company will also be showing off the interface.

The updated app offers a more intuitive user interface which has been tailored to larger screen devices like TVs, while it also offers easier log in and searching once you're in the app.

Three Dee Tee Vee

Samsung Smart TVs will also offer a 'personalised profile' with tailor-made recommendations based on viewers' interests and previous searches.

Guy Kinnell, Marketing Director, TV, Samsung UK said: "Samsung is glad to be an exclusive partner in bringing YouTube 3D experiences to the TV space for the first time in the world at IFA 2011.

"Samsung Smart TV is an ideal platform for YouTube to convey the beautifully visual user interface and 3D experience that consumers will now have at their fingertips for watching and sharing 3D content worldwide.

This partnership will contribute to the continued growth of both the 3D and Smart TV industries."

The updated YouTube on TV app with 3D will be available on 2011 Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray players before the end of the year.

Check out what else Samsung got up to this IFA, with our handy video round up:

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