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The Mindy Project is the latest TV show saved by streaming

Hulu The Mindy Project

Hulu just saved The Mindy Project, bolstering its original content lineup and giving the Mindy Kaling-led sitcom a new lease on life.

The three-season show was canned from Fox earlier this month, but apparently talks with Hulu started well before it was cancelled.

Hulu plans to air a whopping 26-episode season four, as well as continue streaming the show's past seasons. Hulu is the only place you'll find The Mindy Project available for streaming.

Netflix vs Hulu, and so much more

With the move, Hulu further positions itself against streaming giant Netflix, which has picked up shows cancelled by networks and has a hearty original content lineup.

For its part, Hulu recently scored a spin-off for The Walking Dead and every season of Seinfeld, in addition to content from the Cartoon Network, TBS, Adult Swim and TNT. It also has a number of original shows in the books, including a forthcoming James Franco/Stephen King project called "11/22/63" about the JFK assassination. Adding a popular show like The Mindy Project only helps boost Hulu's content cache against Netflix.

The Mindy Project also becomes the latest TV show to be revived by a streaming service. Community, Arrested Development and The Killing are just a few shows given a new lease on life online.

Hulu will announce The Mindy Project's season four premier date down the road.

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