The biggest archive of BBC content is now available

BBC Store

The BBC has today launched its brand new BBC Store, promising to offer the most comprehensive archive of its vast array of programming.

With the trend towards digital, rather than physical, ownership taking hold the BBC is shifting focus from selling DVD box sets towards creating your own personal online archive.

At launch the new BBC Store represents the biggest collection of its drama, comedy, kids and factual output. And that's only going to grow as more iPlayer content is added daily as well as more programs being introduced from the BBC archives.

If you're all about the old Dr. Who then the new digital treasure trove is for you. But equally, if you want to own something new the day after it's broadcast, that option will be there too.

Though quite why anybody would actually want to buy each episode of Eastenders the day after it's gone out is beyond us.


But the BBC Store is being introduced as part of its quest for new commercial revenue streams to supplement the income from the license fee.

This doesn't mean that iPlayer is going to stop offering its 30-day free access to steam and download programmes, but it will now have direct access through to the BBC Store. In iPlayer there will now be a new 'My Programmes' area, where registered users can access their paid-for content.

They will also be able to find and purchase shows via iPlayer's direct BBC Store links.

You can register for the new BBC Store today.