Sky Sports snaps up Premier League 'near-live' clips for social and mobile

Clips it in off the post
Clips it in off the post

Sky has sealed a significant three-year digital deal with the Premier League to serve up 'near live' clips of major incidents from the season after next including, obviously, the goals.

The Sun and The Times have previously had the rights, but the Murdoch Sky/News UK connection means both will continue to serve this to their subscribers as Sky takes over.

The near live clips will be shown over mobile and online through social networks and apps, and are an increasingly important access point for a younger audience.

At your fingertips

"Sky Sports is the home of the Premier League and this will allow us to offer our customers even more content across mobile and online," said Sky Sports MD Barney Francis.

"The way people watch sport is changing rapidly and this agreement ensures Sky Sports will continue to offer the best coverage across TV, mobile, online and social media.

"However they choose to watch, our customers will have all the defining moments from the Premier League at their fingertips for years to come."

Sky is battling hard in an increasingly competitive landscape for digital rights for sports - with BT becoming a major competitor by grabbing Premier League and, perhaps more pivotally Champions League coverage, and terrestrial networks BBC and ITV teaming up to win the bid for Rugby Six Nations.

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