Sky Player on Fetch TV launches

Fetch TV's CEO showing off Sky Player
Fetch TV's CEO showing off Sky Player

Sky and Fetch TV revealed today their collaboration, which brings Sky Player to a set-top box (that's other than Sky's own) for the very first time.

TechRadar were at the launch in London today, where Griff Parry, Sky director of on-demand and Eddie Abrams, CEO of Fetch TV, were on hand to show off the service.

Working in the same way as Sky Player on the Xbox 360, Fetch TV users will be able to watch live Sky shows and on-demand content but only if a monthly subscription is paid.

If you want the full Sky package, then this will cost you £41.50, but there is a subscription of £15 for the most basic of pacakages.

Those who have a Sky subscription will be able to watch the on-demand content for free via Fetch TV, but will have to have a multi-room package to get the live stream.

Speaking about the launch, Abrams noted: "Sky is a company that lives by innovation and is a key partner for Fetch TV, as it shows the flexibility of the platform."

Sky's Parry explained: "The advancements of broadband means that we can deliver Sky to TV screens without the use of satellite.

"Although we are closely related to satellite, we are platform agnostic and this launch shows this."

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Those familiar with Sky and even Sky Player through a laptop or the Xbox will be right at home with FetchTV's service.

The functionality of Sky is there, with on-demand channels nestling next to live TV and the programme choice is the same.

Well it will be in a few weeks as Parry stated that "some movies aren't on Fetch TV but we are remedying this and they should be up and running in a few weeks."

To link up to the web, the boxes have both an Ethernet and WiFi connection. And when it comes to on-demand content, Sky Player is sitting alongside BBC iPlayer and Catch-up TV, as well as a number of other partners.

Currently FetchTV is only running Sky Player on its current Freeview+ box (like the Smartbox 8000) and will be downloaded to existing customers.

The service will also be available on the company's upcoming range of Freeview HD PVRs which will be out sometime in June. There will be a 160GB and 320GB versions available, with prices starting from £200.

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