Plex Cloud arrives to help you create your own personal Netflix-style streaming service

Setting up a media server is one of those things that we’ve always meant to do but never quite got around to, like taking up yoga or learning a foreign language. 

But Plex’s new Plex Cloud feature has us seriously tempted to start ripping our movies and saving them to the cloud.

The service, which has been in an invite-only beta for several months, will finally see a public release soon. 

A pass to the cloud

Using Plex Cloud users can upload video files to common cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive service and then stream them to any machine running Plex’s software. 

Essentially, you'll be able to stream your movies Netflix-style, from any supported service.

Chances are you already have a subscription to at least one of the supported streaming services, not to mention owning a piece of hardware that can run Plex, meaning setting up the new service should be a snap. 

Currently if you want to get Plex running you’ll have to commit to having an always-on desktop PC running as a server, or else hook up a NAS somewhere. 

To take advantage of the new service you’ll need a Plex Pass subscription which retails for $4.99 (£3.99 / AU$4.99). 

Jon Porter

Jon Porter is the ex-Home Technology Writer for TechRadar. He has also previously written for Practical Photoshop, Trusted Reviews, Inside Higher Ed, Al Bawaba, Gizmodo UK, Genetic Literacy Project, Via Satellite, Real Homes and Plant Services Magazine, and you can now find him writing for The Verge.