Polaroid launches new 'premium' 3D glasses

Polaroid Eyewear is set to offer a 'premium' range of 3D specs
Polaroid Eyewear is set to offer a 'premium' range of 3D specs

One problem many people have with 3D movies is the fact that they don't like wearing the cheap 3D specs currently dished out at the cinema.

Polaroid Eyewear hopes to be the first to provide an answer to this conundrum, launching a new range of 'premium' 3D specs this month, in partnership with RealD.

Curved-lens design

Polaroid's curved-lens design certainly looks more attractive than the cheap 'Wayfarer' style specs we have grown used to picking up at our local multiplex.

"Polaroid Eyewear and RealD Inc.- a leading provider of 3D technology - have signed a global license agreement to use the RealD brand in conjunction with the launch of a new generation of curved 3D glasses - Polaroid Premium 3D Glasses," the company announces in a press release

"The Polaroid Premium 3D Glass Collection consists of a range of custom frames with precisely curved circular polarized lenses allowing moviegoers and TV viewers to fully experience 3D with an uncompromising field of vision and a pair of glasses to match their personal style.

Prescription-lens 3D

Polaroid also plans to offer prescription lens wearers a range of premium 3D cover styles that will fit comfortably over any optical frame.

Polaroid Eyewear will distribute its new RealD certified Polaroid Premium 3D Eyewear line to cinemas, opticians and retailers.

"We are a brand that is all about technical innovation, style and great value for the money" said Andy Suszko, President of Polaroid Eyewear. "

"This endorsement from RealD recognizes the high quality of our 3D lenses, made possible only by our unique, patented ThermoFusion Technology, the same technology used to make our linear polarized lenses for the highly successful sunglass collections we sell worldwide."

Via Polaroideyewear.com

Adam Hartley