Netflix's Flixtape is the mixtape for binge watchers

Netflix Flixtape
Netflix Flixtape

"Remember mixtapes? Meet Flixtape. Like a mixtape. But for Netflix."

Those are the first words you'll see when you go to, a new service from Netflix that wants you share your favorite mix of shows with the world.

Netflix suggests grouping shows and films from the service together by genre or mood, however, you're more than welcome to just throw your favorite shows in a playlist and blast it out on text message, email or on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Netflix will give you a few recommendations to start based on the title of your mix (calling your playlist "Party Time!" for example, means that shows like American Horror Story probably won't be invited to join in) but you're limited to recommending six titles at a time.

Once you've assembled your top picks and have distributed them – legally, of course – friends who subscribe to Netflix can then watch your Flixtape or share it with their friends.

Flixtape is a pretty obvious ploy to tap into your social network, but in a week where Pokémon is the most talked about videogame and people are lining up to see Ghostbusters in theaters, the nostalgia-inducing pre-Aughts throwback feature is appreciated.

Nick Pino

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