Logitech officially out of Google TV game

Logitech officially out of Google TV game
Logitech has admitted going all-in on Google TV was a huge mistake

Logitech has announced that it has succeeded in shifting its entire stockpile of Logitech Revue set-top boxes, officially ending its involvement with the Google TV platform.

The accessories manufacturer was Google's first hardware partner for its TV on-demand platform, but poor sales saw Logitech bail out amid losses of $100m late last year.

The initial $299 asking price was soon reduced to just $99 in an attempt to move the inventory and put the fiasco firmly in the past.

"A major factor in the 8 percent decline in the Americas sales compared to the prior year was Logitech Revue for Google TV," said the company regarding its most recent earnings call.

"Sales of Logitech Revue this year were down by $15M due to the combination of a significant price reduction in Q2 of this fiscal year and our previously announced intention to exit the category. We are now sold out of all new Logitech Revue units."

New Harmony remotes incoming

Now Logitech is out of the game, it plans to reinvigorate its Harmony universal remote line-up with a refresh and new models in 2012.

"As our recent results demonstrate, we are overdue for a meaningful refresh across much of the category. We plan to strengthen our Harmony line-up in the coming months," the company added.

Those still hoping to lay their hands on a cheap Google TV set-top box should look to Vizio which is preparing to launch its own version at the same $99 price point.

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