Like a good bear autopsy? Fortitude series 2 greenlit by Sky

Brrr icy
Brrr icy

Sky has commissioned a second season of its flagship drama Fortitude, after icy killings, quality thesps and, yes, polar bear autopsies went down well for its audience.

The drama was commissioned to perform alongside the HBO contact that attracts huge audiences to its Sky Atlantic channel - including the jewel in crown that is Game of Thrones.

With average figures of 1.69 million viewers in the UK, and a growing audience across Sky's burgeoning European network, Fortitude also represents a success story outside of the broadcaster's primary content, Premier League football.

"It's a privilege to return to Fortitude. It's a place where the real and the feared live side by side, where old dark secrets thaw out into the chill light of the arctic day. I'd never been anywhere like Fortitude before and I can't wait to go back," said Simon Donald, creator and lead writer on Fortitude.

The Fortitude Season 2 air date is likely to be January 2016.

Patrick Goss

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