LG NOT withdrawing from plasma TVs

LG plasma - staying
LG plasma - staying

LG has no intention of withdrawing from the plasma television market, according to a senior UK executive at the company.

LG's Vice President Lee Gyu-hong suggested in an interview last week that he did not see a future for plasma, inevitably sparking suggestions that the company would be ending production of plasma panels.

However, George Mead - the Marketing Manager for digital displays at LG Electronics in the UK - told TechRadar that the company had no intention of withdrawing from the plasma market, at least in Britain.

Major changes

"We appreciate that the global market for Plasma TVs is undergoing some major changes which are, of course, being discussed at LG's global headquarters," said Mead.

"However, LG Electronics UK has no intention to withdraw from the Plasma TV market.

"In fact, we have recently implemented a bespoke strategy to promote and market Plasma TVs here in the UK.

"The development of new technologies including our THX certification is a strong indication of the growth opportunities for Plasma TVs in the UK market."

Tough times

With the likes of Pioneer ending its Kuro range, Panasonic and Hitachi joining forces and LCD televisions getting bigger and cheaper there is certainly a large degree of pressure on the plasma market.

But the UK branch of LG is adamant that plasma televisions still have a future, at least until the head office tells them otherwise.

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