LG announces LX9900 3D TV for the UK

LG's stunning LX9900 3D TV
LG's stunning LX9900 3D TV

LG has announced it is bringing a "complete 3D package" to the UK, courtesy of its LX9900 3D TV and BX580 3D Ready Blu-ray player.

Using the company's ultra-thin Infinia design, the LX9900 (which launched at CES as the LE9500) is available in both 47-inch and 55-inch versions and will offer Full HD 3D picture quality.

This means the TV will be using 'active shutter' technology which has also been favoured by the likes of Samsung, Panasonic and Sony.

·The TV is said to be Full LED and comes complete with TruMotion 400Hz for ultra-smooth images.

The LX9900 has Freeview HD inside, offers a 10,000,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio and 4x HDMI 1.4 ports.

And the LX9900 will be web-enabled too. Using LG's Netcast technology, you will be able to pick up apps for YouTube, Picasa and Accu Weather.

Doesn't come with glasses

Alongside the telly is the BX580 3D Ready Blu-ray player. This also uses HDMI 1.4 and means that you can spin 3D Blu-rays (when they eventually appear).

The BX580 has Wi-Fi capabilities, bringing with it the Netcast experience.

There's also a UB connection on-board and you can also hook the system up to you DLNA network.

LG is pushing for UK release date of May for both the LX9900 and BX580 (sooner than expected), with pricing to be announced.

Annoyingly, you will not get any 3D glasses bundled in with the TV. As they are active shutter, his means that you will potentially have to fork £100 extra for each set.

Marc Chacksfield

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