In Pictures: LG's 22-inch Full HDTV

LG released details of its latest range of hybrid TV/monitors today, and TechRadar has already been lucky enough to get up close with the devices.

The M62D series is being touted by LG as a panel "the whole family can enjoy" as it offers "flexible functionality, whether they're watching digital TV, Blu-ray movies or playing the latest games."

LG m62

The one on show was a 22-inch version of the M62D series, which is among the smallest 1080p Full HD panels we have seen.

It's nice-looking too, with LG giving it a modern and glossy look. The model we saw was 'piano black' but there is also a 'snow white' version available.

LG m62

Connectivity on the TV/monitor includes: HDMI, D-sub, Scart and DVI-D. And there's also an in-built digital TV tuner, with access to up to 50 digital TV channels and 24 radio stations on Freeview.

LG m64

Other features include a response time of 5ms, a digital fine contrast ratio of 50,000: 1, and 2x 5watt invisible speakers.

The range itself goes from 19-inches to 27-inches – the Full HD goodness only applies to panels 22-inches and above, however.

LG m62

"At LG we are passionate about creating multifunctional devices that fit in perfectly with the user's entertainment set-up," explained Warren Lewis, General Manager for Business Solutions, LG Electronics about the hybrid nature of the new range.

The TV/Monitor panels have a release date of later this month, with pricing to be confirmed. Although, we were told that the 22-inch version should retail for around £249.

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