Holographic TV and 1Gb internet lines 'in 10 years'

3DTV already being trialled by Sky
3DTV already being trialled by Sky - holographic next?

One of the most senior figures in the telecommunications industry has insisted that we will see 1000Mb lines, 3DTV and holographic television inside the next ten years.

Deutsche Telekom is the mother company of T-Mobile, and its Chief Innovation Officer Christopher Schlaffer told the IPTV World Forum that the 'explosion' of broadband connections and the continuing innovation in television will bring a huge shift in how we consume media.

"There is no doubt that bandwidth is tripling every year, so ten years from now are we going to be looking at 1000Mb connections in every home on average? I would say yes, absolutely.

3DTV and Holographic TV

"Storage capacity and processing capacity is exploding. Cloud computing is there and of course there will be 3DTV and holographic TV in the next ten years; we've already seen these things out there.

Mobile computers have increasing processing power and mobile internet devices and mobile phones will be relevant for the IPTV in the future that is clear.

"So technology cannot be considered a limiting factor."

Schlaffer outlined four areas that will be key to the changes in television, richness of content, accessing television on multiple screens, interactivity and embracing third parties to encourage innovation.

"Television needs to embrace the full breadth of the internet," he added.

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