Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2 packs 4GB of memory

The latest in the ever-evolving range of Cyber-shot digital cameras from Sony has just been given a global launch date and it's a fully loaded consumer snapper with 4GB of its own memory for storing photos without a memory card.

Although we currently have only the Japan details for the DSC-T2 - it will cost ¥43,000 (£184) and go on sale there on 22 November - the company says it will be available worldwide by the end of the year. As for UK pricing, it's probably a safe bet to add about £150 to that converted figure.

Sayonara Memory Stick?

Getting back to the hardware, the main selling point of the new Cyber-shot is that 4GB of flash memory inside - surely enough for anyone using a consumer-level camera to forget about Memory Sticks?

With the 8.1-megapixel sensor on the VGA setting, that means there's room for tens of thousands of snaps. Still, the InfoLithium battery stretches to only around 300 shots per charge (reasonable, but not spectacular), so full resolution is probably the order of the day anyway. MPEG movies can be recorded for up to 10 minutes at 640 x 480 and 30 frames per second.

Say cheesy

Away from the storage side, there are several functions common to recent Sony cameras. The cheesy Smile Shutter function automatically takes a photo if the camera is pointing at someone smiling, while face-detection software helps focus on any human mug in the shot.

On top of that, there's a skin-tone detector that makes sure people, not inanimate objects, stand out in photos. Naturally, all these photography 'aids' can be switched off.

Sensitive snapper

Moving on to the more standard features, the lens is a typical 3x zoom and ISO sensitivity is rated up to 3200. Should the internal memory fill up, there is - of course - a Memory Stick Duo/Pro Duo slot too. The back of the DSC-T2 is taken up by a touch-sensitive 2.7-inch control screen and the usual image stabilisation is present and correct.

The in-camera menu looks to be considerably improved, with the most noticeable addition being a calendar browsing mode that provides thumbnails of shots imposed on a calendar showing the days they were taken. There are also a variety of ways to mark favourites, including a scrapbook-type sandbox area and the ability to doodle on photos through the touchscreen.

Lastly, component video output allows full 1080 high-definition display on an HD TV and a very slick-looking 156g body, into which the lens cover slides flush, makes choosing between black, white, blue, pink and green no easy task.

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