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BBC seeks to launch new HD TV channel

The British Broadcasting Corporation's HD channel will be free to those equipped to recieve it

The BBC is seeking public opinion on a proposed new UK HD TV channel. The new channel would broadcast for nine hours every day from three o'clock. And it would deliver the best of what's on the other BBC channels, but in HD.

The views of licence fee payers and stakeholders are being sought on the role the BBC should play in the development of HD in the UK. They're also being asked the extent to which the service represents a desirable use of the licence fee, and how distinctive the proposals are from other HD services in the market.

"The BBC is seeking approval to provide a service of nine hours per day, 15:00 to midnight, with some flexibility to extend beyond this to allow for the coverage of significant live sport or other events. At launch, the channel would offer a schedule of three to four hours per day, building to nine hours in late 2008," the BBC said.

Anyone interested in taking part in the online forum can download more information from the BBC Trust website. The site has a PDF document that you can download, which outlines the "BBC's proposals for a high definition television channel," and gives "clarity on the scope of the proposal".

Good news for HDTV owners

Copies of the BBC's HDTV channel proposal and consultation forms are available at:

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