Hisense announces Roku Ready LCD televisions coming in 2013

Roku stick
Hisense is ready for Roku

Hisense announced that some of its 2013 lineup of LCD televisions will be Roku Ready for access to the Roku streaming platform, though just what those models are is not yet known.

What we do know is that all these Roku Ready TVs will feature a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port in which customers will be able to plug in the compatible Roku Streaming Stick.

"The Roku Streaming Stick is an easy way for TV manufacturers like Hisense to offer their customers Smart TVs," said Chas Smith, Roku general manager of OEM business, in a press release.

"[And it's] without the pain and cost of developing and maintaining a streaming platform."

The MHL tech specs

MHL is able to support 1080p resolution high-definition video and audio content, while at the same time powering and controlling the plugged-in Roku Streaming Stick.

In addition to being able to push media to televisions, the MHL port can download software updates that deliver new features and channels to the Roku Streaming Stick.

About the only downside is that this new standard resembles the form factor of a traditional HDMI port. That should lead to more than few mix-ups for owners of MHL-equipped televisions.

Features of Roku Ready TVs

In the case of Hisense's Roku Ready LCD televisions, the 2013 models will be able to take advantage of Roku's more than 700 video, music, and casual gaming channels.

"We're delighted that Hisense has chosen to work so closely with Roku to ensure its 2013 TV line is Roku Ready," said Peter Erdman, Hisense vice president of consumer electronics.

"It's truly an endorsement of the value, ease and comprehensiveness that the Roku streaming platform provides both TV manufacturers and consumers."

We'll get a chance to play with Hisense's products soon enough, so stay tuned for hands on reviews plus information on pricing and availability.

Matt Swider