Cisco to offer HD video calls through your TV

Cisco umi telepresence
Is this the Cisco kid?

Cisco has announced HD video calls through your television, with the Cisco umi telepresence.

The technology will use your existing HD television and broadband connection to deliver what Cisco is describing as "the most lifelike, natural video communication experience available to consumers today".

"This new technology enables consumers to chat with their friends or family on a large screen with the highest resolution possible," states Cisco's release.

"Once consumers experience Cisco umi telepresence they will be amazed by the clear, lifelike experience when compared to traditional video conferencing."

Video growth

The growing popularity of Skype and the widespread availability of broadband connections means that video conferencing and calling is on the up, and Cisco are keen to be at the forefront of the move from the computer to the connected television.

Interestingly, Cisco is the company providing the tech for BT's controversial Content Connect – a system which allows video traffic to be prioritised through its network, although there is no confirmation that Cisco's telepresence will take advantage.

This technology creates the experience of being in the same room with friends and family, regardless of their location, insists Cisco.

"From grandparents seeing their grandchildren to sharing engagement news with relatives across the country and recording video birthday messages for loved ones Cisco umi telepresence allows family and friends to be together for everyday occurrences to life's most important events."

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