7 great TV shows to watch this weekend

Sense 8 An original Netflix series

Having a seemingly endless number of shows at your fingertips seems like a very good thing, but it can also make the decision process a heck of a lot harder.

So if you're planning some down time this weekend, we've rounded up a list of some of the best TV shows to spend some time with, covering both the UK and US.

If you want specific rundowns of the best shows for Netflix, you can find that here. And here's a list of our top picks from Amazon Prime.

Mr Robot - USA Network

Mr Robot

The much-hyped and atmospheric new series from the USA Network tells the story of a socially anxious hacker who uses his spare time correcting ethically immoral situations. Christian Slater guest stars and relative newcomer Rami Malek is the stand-out Robin Hood-style hacker with a social conscience. Contains realistic hacking shots (say it ain't so), nods to Anonymous, and a dark, broody central character.

The show has already been renewed for its second season, although it remains to be seen how well season one fares. Out in the US now via The USA Network, hopefully coming to the rest of world soon.

Sense 8 - Netflix original series

Sense 8

The Wachowskis' first foray into TV is a mind-bending and sometimes bonkers series. It features a range of diverse characters, who suddenly link together telepathically because Daryl Hannah, but this immediately puts them in danger for which they are ill-prepared to deal with.

Luckily, their combined skill set is what they need to overcome their enemies, along with plenty of sex and violence. The show carries a slightly spooky cyberpunk ethos, with a bit of hacking thrown in. The whole season is available on Netflix to binge-watch now.

Defiance - Syfy


Defiance is a show about a struggling town of battle-worn inhabitants, comprised of alien and human species, that united during the Pale wars when aliens first invaded Earth. The power plays, lingering bad feelings and government rebellions provide a rich canvas for a futuristic version of our planet.

For a convincing sci-fi show with lots of cool alien tech, strong performances and a solid story arc, it's not to be missed. Season 3 is out now on Syfy.

Humans - Channel 4


Humans is set in a parallel universe where artificially-created synthetic humanoids are the new must-have accessory. What could possibly go wrong?

Plenty, apparently, although the series has felt a a little slow in bringing tension so far. Based on a Swedish series called Real Humans, this promising effort stars William Hurt, Gemma Chan and Katherine Parkinson. Available on demand on Channel 4 in the UK and AMC in the US.

Arrow - The CW


There's more than one reason this show makes our list: good weapons, cool gadgets and awesome comic hero crossovers. Perhaps the main reason to watch is largely down to Felicity Smoak, seen here at the right hand of millionaire rich kid playboy-by-day and saviour of the city by night Oliver Queen, aka Arrow.

She is the super-clever computer geek in heels who saves everyone's bacon more than once with her hacking skills, physics knowledge and electronics talent. Her character also crosses over to DC Comics sister show The Flash to help out Starlabs when they need someone more capable on the keys. Available to watch on the CW channel in the US.

Pro Gamers - Channel 4

Pro Gamers

Part of the shorts season on Channel 4, a series of 3-4 minute videos catch up with the people who make money out of online gaming. From Minecraft to Call of Duty, eSports and Cosplay the series seeks to highlight the reason for eSports popularity, providing an insight into both the culture around eSports and the personalities that drive them.

However, no interview with PewDiePie as of yet. 'Pro Gamers' is available on Channel 4's on demand service.

Person of Interest - CBS

Person of Interest

Jim Caviezel stars as John Reese, the person of interest who is enlisted by shadowy business geek Harold Finch (played by former Lost actor and Emmy Award winner, Michael Emerson) to help him be the muscle to make the world a better place. Finch has created a complex piece of software that trawls surveillance of all kinds and pieces the patterns together to predict when crime will happen.

Only, there's just one problem: the police don't like them beating up the bad guys or acting suspiciously at crime scenes. Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson is the detective tasked with finding out who these new vigilantes are and exactly whose side they are on. As the seasons progress, the software and technology take a more central point of interest.