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Apple TV first-gen box spontaneously loses access to the iTunes Store

Apple TV first generation box spontaneously loses access to the iTunes Store
No Easter joy for 1st gen Apple TV owners

Users of the first generation Apple TV set-top box are currently unable to access the iTunes Store.

The problem, which first came to light in a forum thread on Apple's support website late last week, appears to be universal across the weighty silver device.

As a result of the outage users are unable to buy or rent films and television shows from the store, while, frustratingly, they do have access to Apple movie trailers.

Apple is yet to address the problem, but MacRumors speculates that, as the problem coincides with a FaceTime outage for iOS 6 devices, they could both be a result of internal changes made at Apple.


The first-gen Apple TV box, once dubbed Steve Jobs' favourite "hobby project," was discontinued back in 2010 when Apple unveiled the hockey puck-style, streaming-only version.

Of course, an awful lot has been made of Apple's reported interest in revolutionising the TV industry with a new device - either a set-top box or standalone TV set - that'll arrive with a la carte content from major providers.

TechRadar has reached out to Apple for comment and will update this story should any response be forthcoming.