Amazon Video is finally coming to an Android TV near long as it's a Philips

Philips and Amazon
Android TV gets Amazon Instant

TP Vision has today announced that its Philips Android TVs will now benefit from the Amazon Instant Video streaming service, helping bolster its content credentials.

Coinciding with the launch of its 2016 range of Philips Android TVs it will be adding Amazon's streaming service to the platform as a whole.

All of Philips Android TVs will gain access to the 1080p streaming of its programming, though it has yet to specify which of the 4K TVs will have access to the Ultra HD content Amazon offers, suggesting some of its 4K sets might miss out.

Considering the lack of a universal Amazon Instant Video app has been a major bugbear for Android TV users, this is a definite boon for Philips' TVs.

Previously only Sony's Android TVs had access to the service, with Amazon disabling the app when sideloaded onto any other, non-Sony Android TV device.

Quite why Amazon is limiting the use of its streaming service to paying customers outside of Sony, and now Philips, Android TV devices is still a mystery. We can only hope that it was a licensing deal with Sony and that this Philips announcement heralds the thawing of Amazon's Android TV relations.

Backlit luxury

TP Vision and Philips have also today announced the awesome AmbiLux TVs are going into full distribution by the middle of January.

That's only a few weeks away!


We were blown away by this logical conclusion of Philips' Ambilight tech when we first played with it at the IFA show in Berlin last year.

It packs nine pico-projectors into the back of a 65-inch chassis and by shining what's happening on screen onto the wall behind, in a blurred-out way, it almost makes the bezel disappear completely when you're gaming on it.

It is quite possibly the most immersive gaming TV we've ever seen.