TCL TVs are about to get a whole lot better at motion processing

A TCL TV running TrueCut Motion
(Image credit: TCL)

Years after Tom Cruise’s impassioned speech to turn off motion processing entirely, TCL and its new partner PixelWorks have announced plans to make motion processing problems a thing of the past.

During CES 2022, TCL announced that it would implement a new technology from PixelWorks called TrueCut Motion – an end-to-end delivery service that preserves the original filmmaker’s intent when it comes to motion in their films. 

The hope here is that, with an end-to-end system in place, there won’t be any need for the TV to worry about interpolating motion. In practice, the film will be distributed to the TV in a format that the TV understands that will eliminate the need for on-board processing.

In a pre-briefing with TechRadar, TCL didn’t have too many details on how the format works or which TVs will be getting support for TrueCut Motion, but says that those details will be made available sometime down the road.

Expect new mini-LED TV and XL models, but no new 6-Series or 5-Series yet 

So what, exactly, did TCL say about its 2022 TV lineup? Not much, unfortunately. 

One of the only TVs we were briefed on is the new 3rd generation mini-LED flagship TV – the 85-inch 8K QLED X925pro featuring OD Zero – that has a slim 10mm chassis and a step up from 120Hz support on its flagship TVs to 144Hz.

On TCL’s website, the X925pro is listed for a suggested retail price of $9,999 (around £7,400, AU$14,000), making it several times more expensive than last year’s 8K TCL 6-Series with mini-LED.

That being said, TCL didn’t mention any new iteration of the popular 5-Series or 6-Series TVs, but says that it has worked with Google to improve performance on last year’s models to get them back on Best Buy’s store shelves.

We’ll continue to watch out for more details on TCL’s TVs as the year goes on, and should hear a bit more about its more affordable models in the next two months.

Nick Pino

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