SunGod's new frameless cycling glasses help keep you safer on the road

SunGod Arias
(Image credit: SunGods)

SunGod has released a new pair of frameless cycling sunglasses with a fully frameless design to keep you safer on the road, with extra peripheral and vertical vision that improves spatial awareness and helps keep you safer on the road.

The SunGod Arias use a cylindrical lens, which allows them to sit closer to your face than glasses with a spherical lens (which curves both horizontally and vertically). Cylindrical lenses can sometimes lead to increased fogging, but SunGod has got around this issue with a special anti-fog inner coating, plus a hydrophobic lens treatment to repel sweat, water and dirt.

SunGod’s 8KO lenses are made from a new nylon-based material with a particularly high optical clarity, have triple-layer scratch protection, and are impact resistant in the event of a crash.

SunGod Arias cycling sunglasses

The SunGod Arias sit close to your face, and feature a special anti-fog coating and hydrophobic treatment (Image credit: SunGods)

The Arias glasses come with a lifetime warranty, so if you do manage to break them, SunGod will repair them free of charge, helping avoid broken glasses ending up in landfill.

Seeing green

Continuing the theme of sustainability, SunGod has also released a new entirely recycled glasses frame, which is compatible with all of the company's lifestyle and sport sunglasses.

The Infinite is made from recycled polymer, which is melted down and then injection molded like any of SunGod's other frames. It's also covered by SunGod's lifetime guarantee, with free repairs if your glasses become damaged.

SunGod Infinite

The SunGod Infinite frame is compatible with the company's full range of lifestyle and performance sunglasses (Image credit: SunGod)
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