Sony Bravia OLED A1 series emanates sound from the screen

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After almost nine years when Sony unveiled it’s first publicly available OLED screen, Sony OLED Xel-1, the company forays into the segment once again. Sony showcased it’s new OLED 4K HDR TVs at CES (opens in new tab) this year, and the TVs have finally made their way to India. The series boasts of ‘One Slate’ design, unique ‘Acoustic Surface’ audio and Dolby Vision HDR along with Sony’s own X1 Extreme image processor. 

The A1 series offers two display sizes— a 65-inch model (KD-65A1) priced at Rs 4,64,900 and a 55-inch model (KD-55A1) priced at Rs 3,64,900. To recall, Sony’s rival LG and Samsung have also launched their OLED panels recently in India. We have already seen 4K TVs but this series is one of the first to combine OLED with HDR after Panasonic launched its EZ1002 one day prior to Sony’s launch at CES 2017. 

Sony is using its 4K HDR X1 X1 Extreme technology to get the best picture performance. Sony claims big on its brightness, black levels, colour richness, free viewing angle and dynamic contrast on both the TVs. It uses 4K X-Reality Pro to fill more life in the video content.

The TVs come with Dolby Vision compatibility along with some smart tech like Voice search from Google. The ‘One Slate’ design aims to take away all the visible distraction on the front to provide a seamless and concentrated viewing experience. It runs on Android TV version 7.0 with Sony’s TV interface on top. Apart from the general Android TV features, it also offers memory expansion that supports USB drives to allow more space to apps and content.

The most impressive and unique feature of the A1-series is its audio technology. Sony calls it the Acoustic Surface sound technology, which eliminates the presence visible speakers or a soundbar. This tech uses four actuators behind the panel to create vibration along the display, which makes it emit sound directly from the screen. This allows a perfect unification of visuals and audio accompanied with an integrated subwoofer to fill in the bass.

Acuators used by Sony to achieve Acoustic Surface tech

Acuators used by Sony to achieve Acoustic Surface tech

Those who pre-book any of the TVs between August 1 to 15 from select dealers are entitled to get a PlayStation 4 gaming console.

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