The ultimate way to make your smartphone waterproof

Galaxy S3
The Galaxy S3 Mini can be coated using the treatment

UK company Techjacket is offering a new waterproof protection for leading smartphones.

For the price of £50, you can have your smartphone made waterproof using a new hydrophobic nanotechnology-based treatment called WaterShieldT.

The London based company uses the cutting-edge technology to coat every surface on the device, creating a permanent layer which repels liquids and oils. And if you were worrying about the phone being bigger or feeling different then don't - this layer will be 1000 times thinner than a human hair, so you won't feel a difference.

This is available as a walk-in service in London, currently at locations only: Mayfair, Covent Garden and Spitalfields. You can collect your phone on the same day.

If you live elsewhere, Techjacket has a postal service where you mail them your smartphone and they return it by post, within 3-4 days.

Coating other devices

Currently, only a small selection of phones are eligible for this service, but Techjacket will be looking to expand this range over the coming year. The devices that are currently supported are: Apple iPhone 5, 4S and 4, and the Samsung Galaxy S3, S3 mini and S2.

Talking about the launch, Marc Regan, founder of Techjacket said the company would be working with its partners to expand the technology onto "tens of thousands of electronic devices". Regan also told us that the company would be expanding its service outside of London shortly.