Nearly half of all Steam gamers are running Windows 10

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Windows 10 continues to be very popular with gamers using Steam, with the latest figures showing a further acceleration in adoption.

Last month, the total number of Windows 10 gamers (including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions) finally surpassed Windows 7 on Steam, and in Valve's new figures for June, Microsoft's most recent OS now accounts for a total of 44.46% of the user base.

That represents an increase of 3.41% in the last month, a far greater rise than was witnessed in May, where Windows 10 share increased by 1.54%. This was expected though, as the deadline for Microsoft's freebie upgrade looms, encouraging fence-sitters to finally make the move.

Windows 10 steams ahead

Indeed, we can possibly expect an even bigger boost this month, given that the deadline for Redmond's free offer expires on July 29. If we do see a larger increase over the course of July, Windows 10 could be within touching distance of snaring half of all Steam users.

As for Windows 7, that now stands on 36.97%, and is falling well behind Windows 10. It shed just over 2% of its users in the last month. Windows 8 and 8.1 gamers now amount to 12% of Steam users.

As for the overall OS picture, Windows users account for 95.5% of gamers on Valve's service, with the number of OS X gamers staying exactly the same at 3.6%, and Linux gamers grabbing a thin 0.8% market share, which represented a slight drop of 0.04% for June.

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