Microsoft opens Windows 8 app store to all developers

Windows 8
Microsoft's Windows 8 Store now accepting app submissions in 120 markets

The Windows 8 Store has been open for a bit already, but Tuesday, Microsoft opened the store's doors to more than just verified developers.

Now, anyone with an app they wish to submit for approval can sign up to use the development tools, and start the process of getting their app up for sale.

According to Microsoft, this is the "last significant milestone in the rollout of the Windows Store" before the Oct. 26 release of Windows 8.

In addition to allowing any and all developers to submit apps to the Windows 8 Store, Microsoft increased the amount of markets that can contribute.

Microsoft added 82 new markets (more than double the original amount) available, bringing the total to a robust 120.

Feels good to be a dev

Anyone who has an eligible subscription to one of the MSDN services will gain a one-year developer subscription as part of their benefits.

Eligible packages include Visual Studio Professional, Test Professional, Premium, Ultimate, and BizSpark, as well as the student version, DreamSpark.

According to a published report, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Windows Web Services Antoine Leblond said his team has been "focused on making sure the Windows Store is the best and greatest opportunity for developers."

Leblond added he believes Microsoft offers "flexible, clear, and transparent policies for developers," and related how favorable the compensation packages were.

For example, developers will earn 70 percent of all sales up to $25,000, at which point the developer share increases to 80 percent.

With just a little over a month to go until the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft should have no trouble getting the Windows 8 Store up, running, and full of quality apps as soon as it's open to the public.

Via TechCrunch, Microsoft