Firefox OS 2.0 screenshots surface, reveal pretty but familiar face

Firefox OS 2.0
Getting foxier

Firefox handsets aren't as widely popular as its iOS and Android counterparts, but perhaps a redesign is what Mozilla needs to really make a splash.

Ahmed Nefzaoui and Sören Hentzschel, both Mozilla representatives, have leaked screenshots of Firefox 2.0 on their Twitter accounts.

From the looks of it, 2.0 is much flatter yet more vibrant than previous iterations.

The translucent, two-tone app colors and lock screen notifications are also immediately comparable to iOS 7 showing that Mozilla is probably looking to woo Apple lovers. Still, Mozilla may have other features up its sleeves.

Show us more?

Though there's a definite copycat vibe, Firefox phones still aren't like your normal smartphone.

With Firefox OS, you get an open ecosystem, one where all apps can run on other operating systems and on almost any hardware.

nstead of apps made specifically for a certain OS, Firefox apps can be made with HTML5 and JavaScript like a web page; essentially, they can be opened on Android devices and PCs.

Firefox OS 2.0

Looks better, yes? (credit: MyDrivers)

It sounds nice but so far, all has been quiet on the Firefox front with people snapping up the more popular iOS, Android and even Windows phones.

Firefox OS 2.0

Doesn't look too shabby (credit: MyDrivers)

Though numerous companies, like Sony, are still interested in Firefox phones and with the updated 2.0 version coming out in a couple of months, we'll see then just how well its redesigned interfaces does.

Via MyDrivers