Rez up your DVDs with CyberLink TrueTheater

Want to upscale your existing SD video? CyberLink believes that its new TrueTheater PC software is the best technology in town, capable of buffing up DVD video to near-HD quality.

There are five TrueTheater enhancements in all. TrueTheater HD eliminates jaggies and removes rogue video artifacts, smoothing out the rough edges of SD video and rezzing it up so it looks great on a big screen. TrueTheater Motion, meanwhile, smooths video playback thanks to a revamped frame-rate up-conversion process. Clever.

Pump up your home cinema

TrueTheater Stretch adjusts the viewing ratio of any displayed video with minimal distortion using a non-linear stretching technique. This means that the aspect ratio of a playing video will be tweaked to suit to your display device, even if the original movie doesn't support it.

The fourth element of the TrueTheater package, dubbed TrueTheater Lighting, takes care of colour, contrast and brightness adjustments. Finally, TrueTheater Surround fakes surround sound by converting 2-to 8-channel audio. This, says CyberLink, allows users to optimise audio playback by matching their equipment to the source content.

"The growing popularity for high-definition video and audio in the market has raised consumers' expectations towards the movie playback experience," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink.

"CyberLink has developed advanced technologies that willboost standard-definition DVD video and audio quality to achieve superior results, allowing users to enjoy high-definition right now."