You can now watch Google Play Movies & TV on iOS, just not buy them

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The awkward conundrum you find yourself in when you want to relax with your iPad and a good movie purchased via the Google Play is no more.

Google has plopped an iOS version of its Google Play Movies & TV app in the iTunes App Store, meaning owners of devices with an "i" can now watch content purchased through Mountain View's virtual front.

While it sounds almost like a peace treaty between the two hardened rivals, don't unfurl the white flags just yet. Users can't actually purchase content from the app. Rather, they're left to make the buy through a web client before they can play it on their iDevice.

What's more, streaming video content currently works over Wi-Fi only, and standard definition, not high-def, will play on the phone. Users will also be left without the "info cards" that pop up when a video is paused.

The app is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPod touches running iOS 6 and up. So far, TV shows are only available in the US, UK and Japan.

The Chromecast connection

Google posses quite the collection over on Movies & TV, and while it's not perfect, past experience has shown the G team usually grants its iOS apps more form and function before long.

Regardless, with today's app release iPhone peeps who also happen to own a Chromecast may be leaving the happiest of all.

That's because they can now stream content to their Chromecasts from their iPhones, opening the content door beyond Hulu Plus and Netflix.

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