Best Mac personal finance apps

Some of these apps are more capable than others, but even the simplest one will do the job and that might be all you need.

MoneyWell's focus on budgeting rather than just tracking gives it the edge in this area. Other apps can handle budgeting, but none does it as thoroughly as MoneyWell.

Anyone tackling small-business finance could consider double-entry accounts, but the technique isn't easy to get into and is more than most people need. If you do need it, we recommend Liquid Ledger, as FinanceToGo has poorer documentation.

Stash is new and still has a way to go. What we liked was its ease of use and attention to detail in areas like recurring transactions and charts. If your needs are basic, it could be a good choice.

That leaves iCompta and Money. iCompta gains points for security. It's versatile, it's free and it's almost a winner.


Ultimately, though, it doesn't pull it all together as neatly as Money. With its clear interface and range of features, including above-average reports, Money delivers a solution that should appeal to many users.