10 essential iPhone and iPod touch apps for web designers

6. Network Ping Lite (MochaSoft Aps, free)

A basic, straightforward utility for network troubleshooting, Network Ping Lite provides tools for pinging an IP address, pinging a subnet, traceroute, and a Telnet console. The Pro version (£2.39) adds IP address storage and the ability to Telnet to any port.

Network ping lite

7. Whoiser (Steve Weiland, £0.59)

Whoiser is a standalone client for accessing whois information, which only provides details you can easily find online, but it does so quickly and efficiently (albeit in ugly fashion), and enables you to email the response. For anyone who regularly does whois searches, the 59p price tag will rapidly become irrelevant.


8. Blogpress (Infothinker, £1.79)

Blogpress enables you to update your blog - WordPress, Movable Type, TypePad, and five other services - from your Apple device. In the same way we wouldn't build a website with FTP On The Go, we wouldn't use Blogpress exclusively, but like Headlight Software's app, Blogpress is great for quick edits when you're on the move.


9. Jobs (Bjango, £1.19)

For the price of half a pint, this job time tracker is surprisingly full-featured, giving desktop apps a run for their money. The Jobs UI is sleek, and multiple currency support and export options ensure you don't need to be American nor always have your device to make use of it.


10. iBrowseTwo (Michal Wagner, £0.59)

For times when you're away from a Mac or PC but need to compare live and development websites, iBrowseTwo provides a split-screen set-up, with each section an independent browser. The app's too quirky for general use, but for designers it's a useful tool to have.