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Google Home review: Hey Google, your search engine is showing!

It’s hard finding a good roommate. Some leave dishes in the sink. Others stiff you on rent. But Google, or more specifically, the Google Assistant, isn’t like that at all. Everything considered and as far as roommates go, it’s actually one of the best you’ll ever have. Click through to read our comprehensive Google Home review.

Nest Cam Outdoor review: A cut above the rest

Nest became a household name by reinventing the thermostat, but now the Google-owned company has a range of smart devices that work together to automate or protect your home – including this weatherproof outdoor security camera.

Amazon Echo Plus review: Ruling the home with new smart hub functions

Amazon's Echo range hasn't quite made it to Australia yet, but it's widely regarded to be the best AI speaker in the biz, and the new Echo Plus is the centrepiece of the just-released 2017 range. Our UK team put the device through its paces – and found it's still one of the best AI speaker options. Read our full review here.

iRobot Roomba 980 review: Do android vacuums dream of electric sweep?

Though most automated vacuum cleaners are happy to bounce around your rooms, bumping into furniture like a drunk sleepwalker, iRobot’s Roomba 980 is leading the pack in terms of vacuum intelligence. Continue through to our full Australian review for the final verdict.

Apple HomePod hands-on review: Going eyes and ears on with the new speaker from Apple

Apple's upcoming HomePod is the smart speaker that wants to be at the centre of your home audio experience, and that's great news for iPhone and iPad users. We got the chance to preview the HomePod, including its audio quality, when it was announced at Apple's WWDC keynote earlier this year – these were our impressions

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