Skype’s Windows 10 app will soon support sending money online


Skype is now letting Windows 10 users send money over the service via PayPal, albeit with the feature only in testing at the moment. However, the capability should be coming to the release version of Skype soon enough.

Previously, this feature has been available to mobile users of Skype on Android and iOS, and as MS Power User spotted, it’s now live for Windows Insiders testing preview releases of Skype (you’ll need to grab version

As mentioned, sending money online with Skype happens via PayPal, so you will need a PayPal account as well as a Microsoft account.

Moving money

Shifting funds is as simple as clicking the Money button in your profile, and then choosing Send Money or Request Money to perform those respective tasks.

Both the sender and recipient need to be in a supported country, and currently Skype Money is available in the US and UK, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, and various European countries as detailed in full here.

There’s a fairly broad initial support for currencies including US, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars, British pounds, and Euros, as well as a few other European currencies, with more promised soon.

Note that you won’t be charged any fee by Microsoft for money transfers, although in certain cases PayPal may leverage a transaction fee (for cross-border payments, for example).

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