Samsung's big-screen TV The Wall could be used in your favorite movies and TV shows

Samsung The Wall for Virtual Production
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A new model of the Samsung Wall TV was announced at InfoComm 2023 this week. This modular mini-LED display isn't destined for your living room though. Instead, you'll probably still see it there but on your TV itself, as it's intended to be used for virtual productions in place of a green screen to provide real-looking backgrounds when filming movies and shows. 

The Wall For Virtual Production, which launched this week, is an ultra-large LED wall that enables studios to put actors in front of pretty much anything you can put on a display. And Samsung's one is state of the art, with a refresh rate of up to 12,288Hz, maximum brightness of 1,500 nits, a 35,000:1 fixed contrast ratio and potential curvature of up to 6,000R. You can hang it on the wall by itself or stack it with other screens to create a fully immersive world for your actors to inhabit.

Why The Wall is coming to every TV, not just Samsung ones

Samsung partnered with Lux Machina, a virtual production specialist, to show off The Wall's capabilities. The name might not be familiar but you know their work: the company has used technology like this in shows such as The Mandalorian and House of the Dragon, as well as in broadcast events such as the League of Legends World Championship and the NFL Honors

Lux Machina seem pretty impressed too. "With a high refresh rate, true color representation and a wide viewing angle, we believe that display technologies like this could help usher in the next generation of visual effects, making it much easier for studios to deliver high-quality virtual production projects,” Zach Alexander, the company's president said. 

And Lux isn't the only firm Samsung's working with. It's also working with Wētā FX, the visual effects powerhouse behind some of the most breathtaking cinema you've ever seen including the Lord of the Rings movies and both Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water

The Wall For Virtual Production became available to purchase for studios globally on June 14, but if you're not a studio and would prefer a 110-inch screen for your small business instead, the biggest Micro LED TV is now available to buy too. Alternatively, if you're just after a big screen then check out our guides for the best 75-inch TVs and best 85-inch TVs.

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