The biggest Micro LED TV is now available to buy – but Samsung won’t reveal its price

Samsung's The Wall (2021)
(Image credit: Samsung)

After it was first made available to the public last year, Samsung has now released a second version of its MicroLED TV – The Wall – that’s even brighter and more colorful than the original. 

What separates The Wall from the competition now, and what made it so special last year when it came out, is that it uses MicroLED display technology to create a modular display up to 1,000 inches in size, a 120Hz refresh rate and upwards of 16K resolution (15,360 x 2,160-pixels).

New this year are LEDs that are 40% smaller than last year’s that should, according to Samsung at least, offer higher contrast and better color uniformity. Inside it’s got a new processor running to help upscaling to its impressively large resolution and the display itself has shrunk in width allowing it to fit closer to the wall.

Ideally, The Wall is going to be used as a screen for retail spaces and office buildings – but without a known price tag, budgeting for one is going to be pretty difficult.

So around how much will it cost?

Samsung announced the news that The Wall will be available worldwide, however it didn’t give an exact price per panel. That means the cost is – for both better and worse – not publicly available. 

That said, we can do some rough estimates to get ourselves there. 

Last year’s version of The Wall sold for a steep, steep price of $156,000 (around £113,000 or AU$210,000) for the 110-inch version. We’d expect that this year’s version of The Wall to cost around the same, but there’s no guarantee that the pricing for businesses this time around will be the same as it was for the general public last year as there are more factors to consider.

Either way, not everyone will be in the market for a brand-new 110-inch MicroLED for their small business – but if you’ve got deep enough pockets you can custom order one now on Samsung’s website.

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