Samsung may be working on a Windows Mixed Reality headset

Microsoft is building an enviable collection of Windows Mixed Reality headsets in partnership with big names such as Acer, HP, Dell and Lenovo, many of which are launching as soon as next month.

Another big name Microsoft could be adding to its partnership roster is Samsung, if some recently leaked images are to believe. Posted by Twitter user WalkingCat, these images show what appears be Samsung’s attempt at a Mixed Reality Headset.

The Samsung and Windows Mixed Reality branding is clear, as is the AKG name on the built-in headphones. It appears that the headset would come bundled with the Windows motion controllers but other than that we really don’t have much to go on. 

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Given that most of the Windows 10 headsets coming to the market share very similar hardware specifications, we imagine any offering from Samsung wouldn’t be vastly different. 

However, these renders come with no product name, no specifications and absolutely no guarantee of veracity. Neither Samsung nor Microsoft has commented so the rumors should, therefore, be taken with a fistful of salt rather than just a pinch.

That said, Samsung is no stranger to the VR market and its Gear VR headset has proven to be quite a success. If Samsung was planning to branch out from mobile VR to delve into high-end experiences, it’d make sense for it to partner with a company like Microsoft in order to take advantage of the shared Windows platform and consumer base. 

Given that Microsoft is hosting a Mixed Reality event in San Francisco on October 3, the timing of this leak is significant. At the event Microsoft is likely to put a heavy emphasis on its Mixed Reality range and has said the event will be an insight into "where Microsoft is headed next.”  

Only time will tell whether it'll announce that Samsung is joining it on its journey. 

Emma Boyle

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