Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 could come with a great returning smartwatch feature

The Galaxy Watch 2 could have a rotating bezel, just like its predecessor (above) (Image credit: Future)

We’re hearing more and more rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, and the latest of those suggests it will bring back its predecessor’s best feature, namely a rotating bezel.

That’s according to sources speaking to SamMobile, and while they don’t mention the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 by name, they do say that this feature is coming to Samsung’s next smartwatch.

That’s notable, because the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 is also rumored to be in the works, either instead of, or as well as, the Galaxy Watch 2. Previous models in the Active range didn’t have a physical rotating bezel, though, so while it’s possible that one will be added for a new model, it’s more likely that this leak is talking about the Galaxy Watch 2.

That in turn suggests the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is probably coming soon, and since most previous rumors could have been referring to either that or the Watch Active 3, it puts a question mark over the existence of a new Active model.

Easy interactions

A rotating bezel means you can twist the edge of the watch to cycle through menus, which is a lot easier than relying on a tiny touchscreen or crown. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 used a digital rotating bezel instead, allowing you to swipe along the edge of the screen to similar effect, but such a solution isn’t as tactile or easy to use, and it still relies on the screen to some extent.

So while it’s not terribly surprising to hear that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 probably has a physical rotating bezel, it is definitely good news.

As for what else the Galaxy Watch 2 might have, we’ve previously heard talk of water resistance, GPS, 8GB of storage, and an optional premium titanium case, among other things, but nothing is confirmed just yet.

We’d expect the wearable to be unveiled before too long though – perhaps alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in August.

James Rogerson

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