Samsung Galaxy S30 leak points to a bigger battery capacity

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. (Image credit: Future)

The Galaxy S30 is the next Samsung flagship to look forward to now that the Galaxy Note 20 launch is behind us, and the most recent leak hints at good news for potential buyers – a boost in battery capacity.

Dutch site GalaxyClub has received information about a new battery coming through the pipeline, with the label EB-BG996ABY. That might not mean much to you but it's also linked to a phone with the model number SM-G996, which is probably the Plus variant of the Galaxy S30.

Based on the provided specs, the battery looks likely to have a capacity of 4,800mAh, which would make for a boost on the 4,500mAh battery packed into the Galaxy S20 Plus. Let's hope this means we're getting a battery boost across the whole of the S30 range.

Even if this information is right, battery life isn't just about battery capacity of course: screen size, software optimizations, and thermal engineering all play a big role too. However, we're hopeful that Samsung will have some battery improvements to talk about in February.

The Galaxy S30 story so far

It's still relatively early for Galaxy S30 rumors to start appearing, but we have heard a few whispers of what to expect. A camera upgrade has been mooted, which could fix some of the autofocus and overexposure issues that affected the S20 Ultra in particular.

Another recent rumor suggests that next year's flagship might ditch the time-of-flight (ToF) camera sensors that the S20 phones have. This is apparently to make sure the technology is up to par with what the latest iPhones are doing in this area.

In fact, just about all the Galaxy S30 rumors that we've heard so far have been linked to the camera in some way – there's even been talk of an in-screen camera that would eliminate the notch on the display, though we're less convinced by that.

If Samsung sticks to its usual schedule, then the Galaxy S30 phones should be announced at some point during February 2021 – though as with every other tech launch at the moment, that window could easily get shifted.

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