Samsung Galaxy S30 could have an in-screen camera

For the Galaxy S30, Samsung might ditch the punch-hole camera of the S20 range (Image credit: Future)

We’ve been waiting years for a non-concept phone with an in-screen camera and the Samsung Galaxy S30 – or Samsung Galaxy S21 as it might be called – could be the first to arrive.

That's according to @UniverseIce (a leaker with a good track record), who tweeted that Samsung is "considering" this and is in the process of "evaluating the feasibility of the technology."

So it sounds like the presence of an in-screen camera is far from certain at this stage, and it's worth bearing in mind that this is a rumor we've heard about previous phones that ultimately shipped without one. Don't get your hopes up too quickly, in other words.

That said, it would make a lot of sense. Samsung isn’t afraid of packing new technology into its phones and it's clearly working towards a truly all-screen design, having switched from a bezel to a punch-hole camera and being among the first few companies to put an in-screen fingerprint scanner in a phone.

An in-screen camera is also exactly the sort of exciting feature that would help the Samsung Galaxy S30 stand out. It's futuristic, impressive (if it works well), and would allow Samsung to change up the design a bit by removing the punch-hole camera.

So far we haven’t heard much else about the Samsung Galaxy S30 – unsurprisingly, since it won’t be out until 2021 – but one early rumor suggests Samsung is working on a 150MP camera, so it might not just be the front-facing snapper that gets an upgrade.

Via GSMArena

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