Samsung Galaxy S30 could get a major 65W charging boost

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. (Image credit: Future)

Faster charging is always welcome on a new smartphone, reducing the time you have to wait to get your handset juiced up – and a new rumor around the Samsung Galaxy S30 (or is that the Galaxy S21?) suggests it will jump to an impressive 65W charging speed.

That's significantly higher than the 45W that the top Samsung phones currently support, but according to GalaxyClub, the manufacturer is ready to make the leap in time for next year's flagship phone launches.

GalaxyClub has spotted certification filings for a new Samsung charger with the model number EP-TA865, and it's those last two digits that have prompted the 65W charging speculation. For comparison, Samsung's current 45W charger is the EP-TA845.

You don't need to be a smartphone Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the change in numbers could mean a change in charging speed, but nor is it concrete confirmation that such a boost is coming – or that the Galaxy S30 will necessarily support it.

Charging ahead

Before we get carried away with dreams of an almost 50% bump in charging speed, it's worth remembering that only a couple of Samsung phones support that 45W speed and the EP-TA845 charger – the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

The charger is an optional extra too – you don't get it in the box – and when it came to the Galaxy Note 20 range, Samsung stuck to the 25W standard. All of that means 65W charging is by no means guaranteed when it comes to the 2021 Galaxy flagships.

Still, its an interesting spot by GalaxyClub, and it hints at one of the changes that might be coming to the Galaxy S30 / Galaxy S21 (we're still not sure what Samsung is going to call it). It also seems likely that the phone will get a substantial performance boost too.

If Samsung sticks to its usual release schedule, the Galaxy S30 range should be with us around February time – but with the ongoing pandemic still affecting tech production lines and launches all across the world, that might get shifted.

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