Redmi S2 sample images shared by Xiaomi co-founder


Considering how cameras become one of the more important features of a smartphone, sample images before making a buying decision are welcome. Which exactly what Lin Bin, Xiaomi’s co-founder, did on his official Weibo profile by sharing images clicked on the upcoming Redmi S2

Sample photos from Redmi S2.

Sample photos from Redmi S2.

The sample pictures show how the phone’s Bokeh effect works. The images themselves aren’t all that impressive, but do show that the camera knows how to focus on the primary object to create the desired effect. Clicked in artificial light, the edges are clearly defined and it seems to handle exposure reasonably well.

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Overall, the object isolation is effective without being overdone, which has been an issue on some non-Xiaomi devices. Considering that the Xiaomi Redmi S2 is going to be a budget device, the camera quality seems up to snuff. 

Does that mean it's a good camera?

The upcoming Xioami smartphone's true camera capabilities will only come to light when low light, natural light and artificial light images will be compared in a variety of situations. The importance of a quick auto-focus (AF) and image stabilisation (IS) also plays an important role in the camera’s usability. 

There isn’t any news on whether or not Xiaomi will launch the Redmi S2 in India but considering that India is one of their biggest budget markets, it seems likely. Being a mid-range phone which will go up against the recently launched Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and Nokia 6 (2018).