Realme Race to be one of the first few smartphones with Snapdragon 888

Realme X7
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It’s Déjà vu time. That time when Qualcomm unveils it’s most powerful flagship processor equipped with all bells and whistles that will power the fanciest flagship smartphones for the next six months or so till the time the “Plus” variant gets unleashed. 

This announcement is followed by a barrage of announcements by OEM’s looking to be one-up each in the race to win the coveted title of being the first ones to launch a phone with the shiny new flagship processor.

This year there has been no change. While Xiaomi’s Mi 11 could be the first one with the Snapdragon 888 in tow, its close friend Realme, not wanting to be left far behind, has also announced its contender to the race, codenamed Realme Race

To recall, Realme’s executives have been teasing about it's a new flagship smartphone with the then rumoured Snapdragon 875. Just yesterday we reported about an upcoming phone called Realme Ace with flagship features like 125W fast charging technology. Now then, a phone with the most powerful chipset available for Android devices coupled with the fastest charging solution available for smartphones as of now could sound like a finger-licking solution for enthusiasts 

What do we know about the Realme Race? 

Though it is way too early for us to talk about the Realme Race, however, we did come across a “leak” revealing the design of the upcoming smartphone as well as some key specifications that you can expect to see once the phone is launched. There is no prize of stating the obvious fact that this would be a 5G capable device and thanks to the latest chipset powering the phone, you can expect faster connectivity speeds.

The leaked image shows a device with a quad-camera setup, though in a circular design rather than a rectangular camera island we’re used to seeing in the recent wave of phones. As of now, we’re not sure about the specifications of this camera setup.

In terms of technical specifications, the spec sheet doing rounds suggest the presence of a Snapdragon 888 chipset coupled with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. The phone with a model number RMX2202 is shown running on Realme UI v 2.0 on top of Android 11.

Realme Race launch date 

While Realme has only shared that it wants to be one of the first ones to launch a Snapdragon 888 powered phone, it has not hinted or revealed when the phone will be launched. However, looking at the launch date of Realme X50 Pro, India’s first 5G phone, one can expect the Realme ‘Race’ to be unveiled around February end or early March.

In an official statement, Realme's main man in India, Madhav Sheth has confirmed that the Realme Race will be launched in India as well.

To recall, the launch of Realme X50 Pro was marred by the pandemic outbreak hence you can give a little bit of leeway to Realme and expect them to come out with the new flagship slightly early, say the first week of February next year. That said, let us wait for more news around this.

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