QLED be warned, VIZIO’s flagship P-Series Quantum has arrived

If LED-LCD sets are dying, no one gave the biggest TV manufacturers in the world the memo - in fact, if this keeps up, 2018 might just be the year LED-LCD manages to outshine OLED

These quips aren't based on mere conjecture, however; We can say them knowing the final specs and release date for VIZIO’s sought-after P-Series Quantum - a quantum dot set with some fairly high specs at half the price of the competition. 

To that end, the P-Series Quantum will be available at retailers starting today (surprise!) - but only come in a single size (65-inches) packing an inordinate number of contrast control zones (192!). 

It will feature UltraBright 2000 that allows the TV to output up to 2000 nits at peak brightness and VIZIO’s proprietary Quantum Color Spectrum technology that will help the TV display over 1,000,000,000 colors. It will have a 240Hz effective refresh rate (what VIZIO calls Clear Action 960) as well as its SmartCast OS that layers a traditional UI on top of Google’s Chromecast Built-in platform.

For divided smart home owners, the P-Series Quantum will also support both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa commands - giving it a slight edge against Sony and Samsung’s single-assistant ecosystems.

The best feature perhaps of all, however, is the P-Series Quantum’s price - a mere $2,099.99. To put that number in perspective, that’s $800 less than the Samsung Q9FN QLED TV - Samsung’s flagship QLED TV for 2018 - and just $100 more than the Sony BRAVIA XBR-X900F, its flagship LED-LCD TV that retails for $2,099.

2018 is the year LED-LCD came back to life 

While there’s very good reason to be excited about the VIZIO P-Series Quantum, it’s just the latest in the series of outstanding LED-LCD TVs on display in 2018. 

Since the clock struck midnight on January 1, Samsung has shown us the next generation of LED-LCD displays with its QLED TVs during CES, VIZIO followed suit back in April and now rumors are circulating about Sony unveiling a sequel to the coveted Z9D flagship LED-LCD TV it released in 2016. 

If LED-LCD is dying, someone should probably let TV manufacturers know about it.

The VIZIO P-Series Quantum goes on sale today at Best Buy, Costco and Sam’s Club.

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