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Next-gen Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in line for screen boost

Next-gen Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in line for screen boost
What's next for the Kindle Paperwhite?

Details on the next generation Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, codenamed Ice Wine, have sprung up online revealing that readers may well be treated to an upgraded screen and new design.

TechCrunch claims it's checked out a prototype of the new Paperwhite, and the headlining feature is said to be a new, high resolution 300ppi display.

The current Kindle Paperwhite sports a 212ppi, 6-inch display, so if the report is accurate the new Paperwhite will offer a huge improvement on its predecessor.

That's not the only difference, with a glass screen said to be on the way instead of the plastic finish we've become accustomed to. The leak suggests it'll sit flush with the chassis instead of being slightly recessed.

Squeeze me

Design-wise the new Paperwhite is said to be lighter, and it could follow the more angular design of the latest raft of Kindle Fire tablets, while the edges of the ereader will be squeezable page turn triggers.

There's also a new ambient light sensor on aboard, which monitors the light of your surroundings and adjusts screen brightness to give you the best display for your setting.

In terms of when we can expect the next-gen Kindle Paperwhite, the ereader is apparently tipped to go on sale during the second quarter of 2014.

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