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Samsung's two new Gear watches: one a circle, the other with SIM?

Samsung Gear
Are square smartwatches already old hat?

Two new Samsung Gear smartwatches are reportedly about to round the bend: one a circular smartwatch, and the other with SIM support.

That's according to SamMobile, which got its info from an unnamed source.

A SIM-enabled Gear smartwatch has been rumored before as the Gear Solo, but it could also be one and the same with the Samsung Gear 3 that over the weekend was rumored to be on the docket for Samsung's expected Galaxy Note 4 announcement in September.

According to that report the Gear 3 is going to be slightly less rectangular but significantly more curved than the Samsung Gear Fit. It didn't mention anything about a SIM, but it's still a possibility.

Round it out

Then there's the circular Gear smartwatch this report says will be Samsung's answer to the Motorola Moto 360, not to mention the LG R Watch or LG G Watch R teased over the weekend.

It appears these companies may know something we don't about round vs. square smartwatches, as everyone seems to be jumping on the round bandwagon.

SamMobile says the SIM-enabled Samsung smartwatch will debut with the Galaxy Note 4 at Samsung Unpacked around IFA 2014, while the round-faced Samsung Gear will likely follow some months later.

Samsung's Gear VR, its answer to Oculus Rift, is also expected to debut at that event, which will either be a very good show or a very disappointing one.