Leaked Gear VR app reveals software side of Samsung's headset

Samsung Gear VR
Samsung welcomes you to its VR world

Gear VR is Samsung's latest not-so-secret project to hit the interwebs. So far we've learned about its existence, what it could look like, and now someone has spilled the beans on its smartphone-connected interface.

SamMobile has gotten its hands on a leaked version of the Gear VR manager, the supposed companion smartphone app to Samsung's virtual reality headset.

After launching the app and signing an end user agreement, the Gear VR manager downloads a number of core features including VR Panorama and VR Cinema. From the names of the software we can guess VR Panorama will allow users to view images, while Cinema displays video.

Virtual totems

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(credit: Sam Mobile)

Aside from the media viewing options, it seems an HMT Manager will let users setup multiple parameters for their VR viewing experience.

Chief amongst the tools is Calibration, which will adjust your Galaxy device's sensors and display Gear VR's requirements. Adding in the fact that Galaxy device will display an Undock Alert upon disconnecting, it seems more likely than ever the Gear VR will use Galaxy handset as the headset's screen.

Earlier renders suggested Gear VR would slot in a smartphone in front of users' eyes similar to Google Cardboard. The difference here is that Google Cardboard is more DIY while Samsung seems to be gearing up for a premium product release.

Digging even deeper into the HMT Manager reveals a user will be prompted with a message every hour reminding them that they are in a virtual world and not reality in case, you know, you end up on an Inception level of immersion.

You may notice that "right" is misspelled in the image above. This may be an early version typo, or a sign that this leak is less than legitimate.

Speak your mind

Other screenshots illustrate the ability for users to navigate their VR experience using a touchpad on the right side of the headset while they wear their smartphone.

They will also apparently be able to launch apps using S-Voice by saying "Hi Galaxy" before dictating the name of the application.

Samsung Gear VR almost looks like a certain reality given all the leaks so far, but we'll have to wait to get our eyes on this crazy concept before we can really believe in it.

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