Samsung's latest idea will have you waving at your watch

Samsung's latest patent will have you waving at your watches
The moon has a round face...

If you like the look of the Moto 360 but you'd really rather have a smartwatch made by Samsung, you could be in luck - the latest patent application from the Galaxy gang shows off a watch with a round face.

The designs and drawings are used to illustrate a new way to control your next Galaxy Gear, mainly by gesturing madly around it with your other hand.

The slide in question seems to suggest you'll use the index finger of your other hand to register in the image sensor of the watch like so:


Credit: SammyToday

Or control the watch by waving your whole hand around in front of the camera sensor like so:


Credit: SammyToday

Yeah, that's not going to make you look crazy on the bus.

Other sensors are being mooted, including a barcode reader, fitness tracker, image search, translation tools and object recognition.

Another figure suggests that this will be more of a wearable than a watch - it suggests you'll be able to wear the device round your neck, clipped to your chest, on a belt, on your upper arm or on your hip as well as on a strap around your wrist.

It's not clear if the device in these patent filings would run Android Wear or Samsung's own Tizen interface - we'd suspect the latter though.

From Sammy Today via 9to5Google

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